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Graphic Designer - Bonney Douglas Design

Graphic Designer

Written by Bonney Douglas
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Bonney Douglas Design

Owner/Member: Bonney Douglas
Phone: 0405 125 372


  • 25 Years Experience
  • Award Winning Designer
  • Highly Recommended


Don't bring a banana to a gun fight!

hand with a banana and a hand with gun


In the current market you need to have killer design to keep ahead and differentiate yourself from your competition.

Design and marketing is time-consuming and best left to the experts.

Bonney Douglas Design is not just a design studio but your personal design assistant to help you manage and control your design and marketing in the most affordable way.

Personal Attention

We work with you via phone, email or zoom to ensure that we scope out your project accurately. This ensures the best possible final solution for your design commission.

Members receive a monthly meeting so you can keep us on track ;)

Competitive and Transparent Pricing

We have a variety of pricing models which has been developed to fit most budgets and ensure enough time will be allowed to produce a quality outcome for you. You know how much you're paying upfront, no nasty surprises.

No Penalty for Changes

Can't make up your mind? Would like to see your design in different colours or using different fonts? We get it! Most people aren't sure until they see it. We won't penalise you for this - you will have a whole month to make as many changes as you like. We've got you x