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Business Coach - The Alternative Board

Business Coach

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The Alternative Board

The Alternative Board

Owner/Member: Sara Sieradzki
Phone: 07 3162 2660
Mobile: 0429 429 220
Address: PO Box 5548, Manly, QLD 4179

The Alternative Board (TAB) allows business owners a platform to share ideas and collaborate with like-minded business owners and trusted advisors in their local business community. You can be like thousands of TAB members who have:

  • Increased sales and grown profit
  • Enjoyed the benefits of their hard work and business ownership
  • Enjoyed greater sense of achievement and work/life balance
  • Created a culture that empowers their organisation to drive their personal vision
  • Adapted their business to be less dependant on them
  • Develop a strategic plan that it is as manageable as it is dynamic
  • Recruited those great employees that can truly impact a business

A TAB membership offers the opportunities to work on your business strategically, discover new opportunities, take back control and fulfil your company vision.

 Sara Sieradzki