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Bendigo Bank

Bendigo Bank Community bank, Redlands Wynnum

Senior Branch Manager: Justine Kennedy
Phone: (07) 3820 9355
Address: 127 Colburn Avenue I Victoria Point QLD 4165

The Bendigo Bank Community bank, Redlands Wynnum only Community Bank, values local ownership, local decision making and local investment. That is why we create opportunities for quality, long-term relationships; and broad connections within and support for the business community. 

Our people, services and products combine to provide a unique point of difference that creates strength, shares knowledge and opportunity; and returns profits to our community at the same time.

We established the Community Bank base 15 years ago and have grown to 3 locations; Victoria Point, Cleveland and Wynnum Manly, strengthening our business, our community support and filling the gaps as others leave. Bendigo Bank is Australia's 5th largest bank and we are proud to be a part of a significant network, and to have a unique local presence. There are 4 big reasons to choose us as your partner in business. 

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