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Member Spotlight: Sharon Simeon - Aviso Broking, 34 Years of Excellence

Written by BRBN
Member Spotlight: Sharon Simeon - Aviso Broking, 34 Years of Excellence

Welcome to the first installment of our "Member Spotlight" blog series, where we showcase the incredible individuals who make up the Bayside Redland Business Network (BRBN). Today, we're thrilled to introduce Sharon Simeon, the an insurance broker for Aviso Broking, a seasoned professional with 34 years of experience in the insurance industry.

Sharon Simeon profilePersonal Information:

Name: Sharon Simeon
Business Name: Aviso Broking
Business Category: General Insurance
Years in Business: 34 years in the insurance industry

Membership Details:

Sharon has been an integral part of our BRBN community for an impressive 22 years. Her initial motivation for joining our group was to connect with local business professionals. Sharon hasn't been part of any other business referral groups; BRBN is her exclusive networking hub.

Networking and Relationship Building:

Sharon's journey with our group has been marked by fruitful relationships. Being a member has not only expanded her network but also paved the way for numerous partnerships and collaborations. Notably, she's proudly arranged insurance coverage for many of our members, offering assistance and support during claim processes. Beyond business, Sharon has formed valuable personal friendships, enjoying numerous social gatherings with fellow members.

Business Growth and Opportunities:

Membership in BRBN has been a catalyst for Sharons growth wihin her role at Aviso Broking. Sharon has not only facilitated insurance for fellow members but also benefited from referrals that they've provided. The snowball effect of satisfied clients passing her details to their contacts has contributed significantly to her success. Additionally, unexpected opportunities and constant support from the group have been instrumental in Sharon's professional development.

Group Participation:

Sharon is an active participant in BRBN meetings and events, making an effort to connect with members before, during breaks, and after meetings. She also attends social events and has taken on various leadership roles within the group, currently serving as the doorkeeper and mentor. Presenting her business to the group has honed her public speaking skills, a testament to the supportive environment within BRBN.

Benefits and Support:

For Sharon, the most valuable benefits of BRBN membership are the friendships she's cultivated and the wealth of knowledge she's gained from fellow members. She finds comfort in seeking advice from them, both professionally and personally. The group's willingness to discuss issues and provide professional insights has been invaluable to her.

Future Outlook:

Looking ahead, Sharon plans to continue her 22-year journey of mutual support within BRBN. As insurance remains a necessity, she is committed to assisting fellow members and their clients in finding the perfect insurance solutions. The group's ongoing support will undoubtedly contribute to her continued success.


In conclusion, Sharon wholeheartedly recommends our group to other businesses in Brisbane Bayside. BRBN's not-for-profit ethos, coupled with its community-focused approach, creates a nurturing environment for personal and professional growth. It's a platform where businesses thrive while making a positive impact on the local community.


Sharon recently availed the services of fellow BRBN member, Michael O'Brien from Michael O'Brien Lawyers, for legal assistance. She commends his expertise, gentle nature, and stress-free guidance throughout the process. She enthusiastically recommends Michael to anyone in need of his services, reaffirming the strength of the BRBN community.

Join us in applauding Sharon Simeon and Aviso Broking for their longstanding commitment to BRBN and the community. Stay tuned for more inspiring member spotlights as we continue to celebrate the achievements and contributions of our exceptional members.