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Member Spotlight: Russell Winwood - Hitech Cleaning Services & Hitech Termite Solutions

Written by BRBN

In this edition of our "Member Spotlight" series, we introduce Russell Winwood, the owner of Hitech Cleaning Services & Hitech Termite Solutions. With a remarkable 27-year history in the cleaning and pest control industry, Russell brings a wealth of experience to the Bayside Redlands Business Network (BRBN). He has been a member for just four weeks but has already made valuable connections and is poised for growth within our dynamic community.

Personal Information:

Name: Russell Winwood
Business Name: Hitech Cleaning Services & Hitech Termite Solutions
Business Category: Cleaning & Pest Control
Years in Business: 27 years

Membership Details:

Russell joined BRBN to expand his business network with like-minded individuals. His enthusiasm for the group is evident in his active participation, having joined just four weeks ago. Notably, BRBN is his first experience with a business referral group.

Networking and Relationship Building:

In this brief period, Russell has already experienced the growth potential of BRBN. He's received referrals, learned from fellow business owners, and tapped into the valuable experience of Clinton Roach, a real estate professional. He's also provided services to members within the group and is on a trajectory to form valuable personal and professional relationships.

Business Growth and Opportunities:

Russell notes that being a part of BRBN has led to more inquiries for his business. The diverse range of industries represented in the group has also opened up unexpected opportunities and benefits. While he's still learning how to utilize the resources and support, the potential for growth is evident.

Group Participation:

Russell is an active participant, striving to attend meetings every week. Although he currently doesn't hold any leadership roles, he's gearing up to present his business to the group on the 29th of November.

Benefits and Support:

He finds the most valuable benefit to be the opportunity to tap into a variety of industries, and he's still in the learning phase when it comes to leveraging the tools and resources offered by the group.

Future Outlook:

Russell's aspirations include broadening the diversity of industries he does business with and learning from the vast experience of other members. He envisions the group continuing to support each other through information sharing and mutual business support.


Russell wholeheartedly recommends BRBN to other businesses in Brisbane Bayside. He emphasizes the group's welcoming and knowledgeable nature, combined with its wide-ranging industry expertise.


"In the short time I have been a member of BRBN, I have learned lessons from other business owners which I have applied to my own business."

Russell's testimony showcases the rapid progress one can achieve in the BRBN community, even in a short period. We look forward to Russell's continued success and contributions within our network. Stay tuned for more inspiring member spotlights as we celebrate the achievements and growth of our remarkable members.