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Member Spotlight: John Douglas - Snap Print Solutions Capalaba, 22 Years of Printing Excellence

Written by BRBN
Member Spotlight: John Douglas - Snap Print Solutions Capalaba, 22 Years of Printing Excellence

In our ongoing "Member Spotlight" series, we bring you another exceptional member of the Bayside Redland Business Network, Queensland (BRBN). Today, we proudly introduce John Douglas, the owner of Snap Print Solutions Capalaba, a printing business with 22 years of dedication to quality and service.

Personal Information:

Name: John Douglas
Business Name: Snap Print Solutions Capalaba
Business Category: Printing
Years in Business: 22 years in the printing industry
Year Joined BRBN: 2013

Membership Details:

John has been an active member of BRBN for a decade, and his initial motivation to join the group was to step out of his comfort zone. Remarkably, BRBN is the only business referral group he has been a part of, and it's been a rewarding journey for him.

Networking and Relationship Building:

John's experience in BRBN has undoubtedly expanded his network. He highlights a notable success in becoming the print provider for a National Franchise group, TAB. Beyond business, John has formed strong personal bonds with the group members, considering them friends rather than mere acquaintances.

Business Growth and Opportunities:

Membership in BRBN has brought significant improvements to John's business. He emphasizes that he's become more organized and adept at time management. Interestingly, the benefits have extended to personal development as well, marking unexpected but valuable growth.

Group Participation:

John actively participates in group meetings and events, holding leadership roles within the group. His journey of presenting his business to the group has evolved from initial nervousness to comfortable delivery, thanks to the constructive feedback and support from fellow members.

Benefits and Support:

As a member, John values having 15-20 sales representatives effectively working for him, a testament to the collaborative spirit of BRBN. The support from members has been a key factor in his business success and overcoming challenges.

Future Outlook:

While John's future goals within BRBN remain unspecified, he envisions continued support from the group as he and his business grow. He wholeheartedly recommends BRBN to other businesses in Brisbane Bayside, emphasizing the group's fantastic community of like-minded businesspeople and its strong community focus.


In John's words, "I joined the BRBN in 2013 at a time when I was wanting to put myself out of my comfort zone and push myself into taking opportunities that I would have previously shied away from. The group was welcoming and made me feel comfortable and supported. Being a not-for-profit organization and our commitment to donating back to the local community were big contributing factors in my decision to join the BRBN. We also have a lot of fun, and there is no pressure applied if you go a few weeks with no referrals. Love the people, love the meetings, love the group."

Join us in celebrating John Douglas and Snap Print Solutions Capalaba for their incredible journey within BRBN, exemplifying the spirit of growth, community, and collaboration. Stay tuned for more inspiring member spotlights as we continue to shine a light on the achievements and contributions of our remarkable members.