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$12 000 BSBN Giveway

Written by BRBN

A proud day for an awesome group of members. $12,000 fundraised by the members of BSBN and donated to local community groups on 10th October, 2017.

Attended by over 40 people with highly respected and valuable members of the local community including local Councillor Paul Bishop.

A great morning tea attended by over 40 highly respected local community groups and businesses. Not all BSBN members could attend on the day, but all contributed to raising funds.

Thank you to BSBN members:
Margaret Shakabai, Paul Juvancz, Nicki McNickle, David Auger, Sue Mazur, Justine Kennedy, John Douglas, Tori van der Donk, Samantha Rosewarne, Bev Dorgan, Debbie Whitaker, Claire Wilson, Garry Powell, Zora Abbot, Joe Henry, Kate Flower, Darius Gold, Stephen Habermann, Bruce Hutchison, Rod Roberts, Claudio Romano, Sharon Simeon, Robert Donnegan and Ossie and Hanlie Froes.