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Surviving Covid 2020

Written by Debbie Whitaker
Surviving Covid 2020
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If Anyone had said to me in January 2020 that life as we new it, was about to change I might have smiled & thought they were Crazy.

However that's exactly what happened & in a very Short space of time. Gateway Auto Rentals International Car Hire ceased in February 2020 when

Brisbane Airport Coorporation closed the Airports. We had to reinvent the way we did Business & Market to the Local Industry.

I terminated All International Advertising & Closed Our Airport Parking Facilities until further notice

This was relatively new Territory to Gateway Auto Rentals,

Normally the Locals came to us for their Local Car Hire.

We Marketed through Social Media & Upped the Advertising on these Platforms

To encourage new Clients requiring Cars due to loss of jobs & sometimes Car packages.

We Marketed to Local Paint & Panel Companies and Mechanical Workshops to encourage Car Hire as an option whilst their Clients Vehicles were Off the Road.

This has worked tremendously & continues to do so, for which we are extremely grateful.

We are 'Doing Business Differently' through out 2020, but we are very happy to be still providing a service to our Community 

Debbie Whitaker

Gateway Auto Rentals