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Making a Difference: BRBN's Impact on Local Community Organisations

Written by BRBN

Bayside Redlands Business Network (BRBN) firmly believes in giving back to the community and supporting organisations that make a meaningful impact.

In this blog, we showcase BRBN's recent donations and sponsorships to highlight the invaluable contributions made to SCCP Australia, Night Ninjas, and Koala Group. Witness the positive transformations resulting from BRBN's support and join us in making a difference.

SCCP Australia: Empowering Individuals with Disabilities

SCCP Australia is a commendable organisation committed to empowering individuals with disabilities. BRBN recognizes the significance of inclusivity and proudly supports SCCP Australia through donations. Our contributions have enabled SCCP Australia to continue their vital work, providing educational resources and skill-building programs that empower individuals within the community.

Night Ninjas: Illuminating Lives through Community Support

Night Ninjas is a remarkable organisation dedicated to assisting the homeless and vulnerable members of our community. BRBN acknowledges the crucial role played by Night Ninjas in addressing homelessness and providing essential support. Through sponsorships, BRBN actively contributes to Night Ninjas' mission, ensuring that those facing adversity receive food, shelter, and support, ultimately illuminating their lives.

Koala Group: Conservation for Our Iconic Wildlife

Koala Group is a devoted organisation focused on the conservation and protection of our iconic koalas. BRBN recognizes the importance of preserving our wildlife and proudly supports Koala Group through donations and sponsorships. By partnering with Koala Group, BRBN actively contributes to their efforts to safeguard koalas' habitats and promote education and awareness about these unique Australian creatures.

BRBN's Transformative Contributions:

BRBN's unwavering commitment to supporting local community organisations has resulted in remarkable transformations within SCCP Australia, Night Ninjas, and Koala Group. Through our generous donations and sponsorships, we have witnessed the positive impact on individuals, communities, and wildlife.

Our contributions to SCCP Australia have enhanced their programs and services, empowering individuals with disabilities to thrive and reach their full potential. Similarly, our sponsorships to Night Ninjas have provided essential resources, shelter, and hope to vulnerable community members facing homelessness. Additionally, our support of Koala Group has helped protect and conserve koalas, ensuring their survival for future generations to enjoy.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Bayside Redlands Business Network invites you to join us in making a difference in the community. Through our ongoing support of organisations like SCCP Australia, Night Ninjas, and Koala Group, we strive to create positive and lasting change. Together, we can empower individuals, uplift communities, and protect our precious wildlife.


Bayside Redlands Business Network is dedicated to making a difference in the local community by supporting organisations like SCCP Australia, Night Ninjas, and Koala Group. Our donations and sponsorships have positively impacted the lives of individuals with disabilities, vulnerable community members, and our iconic koalas. Join us in our mission to create transformative change and contribute to a better future for all.