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Business Owners Roundtable - Lets Rise above uncertain times

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Let’s Rise Above Uncertain Times – Virtual Business Owners' Roundtable.

Now more than ever, we must make our best decisions. We must invest our limited time and money effectively. We must manage our teams purposefully. We must be well informed on options and outcomes. Therefore, we must access the experience and expertise of our peer business owners. We must rise above this crisis by joining together with our peers.

If you are a business owner, please join me and a group of your local peers (not more than 8 in each session) in a virtual round table conversation. In this confidential and safe environment, I will facilitate the discussion, as we explore challenges we all face and share insights, experience, and solutions for how to approach them.

This is not a seminar or training program. This will be business owners helping business owners at a critical time in our community.

There is no cost to attend and there will be no sales pitch or continued obligation. This is about joining forces to rise above this difficult time, together.

Who should attend?

Small and Medium sized business owners who would like support making smart decisions for their business.

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Hosted by The Alternative Board Australia team

(see our website for more information on our team)

Numbers are strictly limited to around 5-8 per event so attendees will be contacted ahead of the event to determine if you are a good fit. This ensures the success and value of the event to all attendees. If you are not a good fit for the date selected or we are over subscribed we will provide you with the option to join another date

Zoom details will be provided once we confirm your attendance.