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2022 IT Tips

Written by Pal Juvancz

So, we made it to 2022! Well done everyone! What a journey it has been…

From price hikes and supply chain issues to the continuing NFT & Cryptocurrency craze to the ever-growing threat of bad actors trying to hack computers, networks and other internet connected devices. There has been plenty to derail us in 2021 – hopefully we all made it through unscathed.

Here are some tips on how to keep your IT environment safe for 2022 and beyond:


  • BE VIGILANT – Common Sense is the best antivirus but it sure is getting hard sometimes to see which emails are fraudulent or not
  • Always check on links in emails and newsletters before clicking on them (hover over the link with the mouse and the bottom of the screen will show you the actual web address it will take you to)
  • Use the built-in Windows (for Windows 10 & 11 users) anti-virus or implement a 3rd party anti-virus, either free or paid version
  • Use other tools, such as or (both of these tools offer free versions of their excellent scanning software)
  • Make sure you keep your software up-to-date, not just Windows but other software, such as browsers, Acrobat reader, etc
  • Make sure you keep the hardware up-to-date, including web connected security cameras, routers, wireless devices, etc
  • Use a password manager to make sure you have strong and unique passwords for your online activities
  • If you do not use a password manager then have good passwords and do NOT re-use them on sites
  • Check if your details have been released on
  • Do NOT save passwords into the browsers – these are very easily read by others
  • Make sure you have a robust backup routine – online backups tend to be cheap, convenient and reliable – Use Office365, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc to backup your important data AND/OR use a local backup solution as well (USB Drives, etc)

Hope you have a safe and reliable IT environment for 2022 and beyond.

If you have any questions regarding your IT – please contact PCPals